Knowledge vs ability

Knowledge and ability are closely related to each other in everything. Knowledge is formed and acquired through life experiences, new experiments, reading, education, etc…

This knowledge that life grants us is very valuable, but if it is not accompanied by the ability that grants you the possibility to apply this knowledge in various aspects of life!

This knowledge, bestowed upon us by life, is very valuable and holds profound intrinsic value. 

However, if it’s not accompanied by the ability that grants you tangible actions, there’s no possibility to apply this knowledge in various aspects of life! knowledge can swiftly transmute from a boon into a bane, a curse that permeates every facet of a human being’s life, turning them powerless to effect change or initiate meaningful deeds.

Likewise, if there is ability without knowledge, it would be akin to scattered ashes, an aimless endeavour bereft of value or hope.

Those who are capable of undertaking actions with no understanding of the underlying why or what will find themselves in the same fateful predicament as those with knowledge but no agency, both shackled by their curse and loss.

Thus, knowledge and ability must go hand in hand; both are closely entwined, and both must have a delicate balance in order to produce a proper path in life.

First, we must define our purpose with utmost clarity and comprehensively grasp its multifaceted dimensions, while at the same time producing the ability to achieve it.

The distinction between them requires delicate decisions.

This delicate balance and the difference between knowledge and ability, when skillfully integrated, will enable anyone who works on possessing them together to achieve the impossible.


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