10 steps to building wealth while you are young

Step One: Save Money

I’m a firm believer that it doesn’t matter how much money you make – it just matters how much of that you save. now is your time to live frugally and invest as much as you can, because right now, you have the power of compound interest on your side and that will grow your money to a huge amount by the time you’re older. 

Step Two: Work With Everyone

work with anyone that wants to do business with you. at the beginning of your career, you are not in a position to be picky, so don’t ever think you’re “too good” or “above” working with someone because you won’t make enough money from it. 

I’ve learned that even the worst, most difficult, unprofitable clients I’ve worked with have ended up becoming the best learning experiences in the long run. I may not have made money from those clients, but, the experience I gained has helped me out in so many other ways that have turned out profitable. 

Step Three: Be Surrounded With Success

you know the saying, you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with…come on, that’s true.

if you surround yourself with negative, draining people who do nothing with their life…that’s probably what you’re going to get, too. 

if you surround yourself with people who are doing things and have a healthy mentality about it, then chances are, you’ll get the same. 

Step Four: Don’t Let People Discourage You

most people, let others influence their decisions far too frequently, to the point where they’ll never try because someone just tells them not to.

so don’t let someone else’s insecurity or jealousy get in the way… most of the time, when someone discourages you, it’s them worrying that you might be successful while they’re not…or, it’s them rationalising why they’re not successful, or how they could never take the initiative themselves.

Step five: be open to constructive criticism 

it’s so important just to be open to constructive, honest feedback and criticism – hear it out, and then decide from there if it’s worth implementing. 

Step Six: Trust Your Intuition

I think too many people ignore their intuition because they’re insecure about maybe being wrong, or maybe failing. but I’ve learned that if you have a gut feeling about something, chances are, you’re right – and you should follow that feeling. 

Step Seven: if it’s too good to be true, 

it probably just goes into everything with this mindset: trust, but verify. 

it’s okay to have a healthy amount of scepticism but verify everything on your own. don’t just take my word for it, don’t just listen to someone and follow blindly – hear them out, but verify everything for yourself, first. 

Step Eight: Always Be Growing

this could be continually learning new skills, reading new books, watching youtube videos on new subjects…smashing that like button if you haven’t already…always doing something to improve. I’m a firm believer that if you’re not getting better at something, you’re getting worse. 

Step Nine: Do It Consistently 

until then, you really won’t see much difference until your small improvements continue growing on each other…just have faith in the process, and know that nothing good will happen overnight.

the longer it takes you to do something, the longer it will last. 

Step Ten: Help Others

so many people are afraid of someone stealing their ideas, being better at them at something, or taking their business. but let’s be honest: the world is not a zero-sum game.

one person’s gain is not your loss. I believe that the more you’re able to help, the more it benefits everyone as a whole.

Share what you know, and help other people, by doing that, just makes your life so much better. not only do you get to make a positive impact on someone else, but you’ll never know when that person might come back and help you out. 


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